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ASTROLOGER SANJIVRAM is the most experienced soothsayer who has born in the astrology family and his family has gained a big name for history of years ago. With his surprising learning he had settled numerous issues and he go before each issue as his very own issue.

The essential idea of each person is that to live in a non-dangerous world. In any case, in this general public all people need to confront the issue, it might be a little or huge. According to our Indian convention, astrology will give you a major hand to deal with the issues. ASTROLOGER SANJIVRAM has a one of a kind capacity to annihilate your dissatisfaction and gloom that is aggravating your life to such an extent.

ASTROLOGER SANJIVRAM consume his entire time on earth to serve the general population amid their troublesome circumstances. With his insight in Vedic crystal gazing, he had increased a large number of clients in USA.

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All I have tears in my eyes when I recollect those tough days of my life. Everything I touched was dead-end and led to failures and frustrations. One day My maternal uncle suggested me to meet Astrologer SanjivRam. I did reluctantly. Thanks to my uncle and Astrologer SanjivRam

- Hamid, NewYork, USA

Thanks a lot to Astrologer SanjivRam. Which you provide me remedies for my business it is extremely benefited for my business. You are the best for me, my family and my business, we also follow your instructions.


It’s my great pleasure to recommend Astrologer SanjivRam. I first came to know him through a random search on the internet. Very good knowledge about astrology has a deep and detailed knowledge of his subject. He is consistent, reliable and accurate. I am very satisfied to know certain things about myself very clearly me to take my future steps, accordingly.

- ALLAN, NewYork, USA

Astrologer SanjivRam is very good. He will hit the nail right and share the facts that you might be going through, at last he was very accurate in my case. He is very polite and ready to help us without any terms. I would definitely recommend anyone who believes in astrology and looking for some help. Once again, thank you Astrologer SanjivRam.


Respected Astrologer SanjivRam I would like to thank you for giving me hope and help when I almost lost trust in myself. On both my personal and professional fronts, you have helped me a lot and have given me the insights for dealing with the hardships of life. My current stability, happiness, strength, and pleasure are completely attributable to you.

- Lara, USA

I am deeply humbled and grateful to Astrologer SanjivRam ji as he sorted out my financial problems so gracefully. Not only as an astrologer; he reached out to me as a friend, Philosopher, and Spiritual guide in times of my great need. With his assistance; I experienced the optimum level of inner peace and satisfaction.

- Tiara, USA

Astrologer SanjivRam is a lovely, kind, caring and Genuine Spiritual Healer & Specialised in bringing the love back.I was having lots of problems with my boyfriend of 2 years. He has the ability to make a person feel at convenience, also when a person doesn't really feel at ease with himself. Thank you

- Milagros,USA

Esteemed Astrologer SanjivRam you are a great soul with a mind of a holy entit.I found all of your services extremely workable and helpful for solving my issues. I would strongly recommend your service all those who are overwhelmed by the hurdles of life,with no solutions in sight.

- John White,NewYork,USA

Astrologer SanjivRam has excellent online facility and services. People, who can’t go and meet him directly, no need to worry. He had solved my problem through chat itself. Astrologer SanjivRam is well talented, you can keep full faith on him.

- David California, USA

Well satisfied with Astrologer SanjivRam forecasts. I got his appointment immediately in online. I found my own mistakes through his advice and he guided me in right path. All Credits go to Astrologer SanjivRam

- Joseph San Francisco, USA